I’ve been a part of #TeamBackpack for the last 10 years now, as they are just so easy to carry around and they don’t get in the way during day-to-day errands. Convenient. Accessible. Roomy. That’s what I like.
Now, I haven’t really been into the whole unicorn trend that’s been sweeping the social media nation, however, when I came across this sequinned BEAUTY, I knew I had to have it. Look at it. LOOK AT IT!

Let me tell you, the bag sparkles a lot more in real life than it does in photos. It’s definitely an aesthetic show stopper, however, what I love about the back is how roomy it is inside! The backpack doubles as a laptop carrier, with a separate compartment for your charger and other bits and bobs, and it also has a little opening at the top of the bag for you to slip your earphones through if you want to keep your phone inside the bag. They’ve thought of everything!
By ‘they’, I’m of course talking about my faves over at Firebox.comFirebox is a fantastic website that curates amazing, quirky gifts – everything from beer making kits, to mystery boxes and they even have a page for unicorn-only type gifts!
If you’re looking for dope ass gifts and plenty of bant, Firebox are your guys.

Mermaid Sequin Backpack*

Photography by Kaye Ford


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August 21, 2017



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