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Spring has officially sprung and you know what that means lads: it’s officially wedding season.
I’m not going to lie; back in the day I used to find this season treacherous, to say the least as I always found it incredibly difficult to find plus sized pieces that: a) were suitable to wear for formal occasions b) were available in size fat and c) didn’t look like a tent. As a consequence of this, I would intentionally miss certain events because of the anxiety and stress of finding something adequate.
We are living in a new age however people. Granted there is still loads of progress to be made regarding the availability of wearable and current/trendy plus size pieces in mainstream stores, however, we have come a long way from what we used to have. No more will we be restrained to oversized moo-moos, empire line dresses and ‘smocks’ *shudders*. Now we have a bit more variety when looking into clothing for weddings, Christenings and the like. Brands such as Boohoo and Boohoo Plus have now opened their occasion and wedding wear shops so you can browse and shop to your heart’s content.
What’s even better is that these pieces can be versatile; you can be a guest at a wedding for 3 pm and drop down low and spread your cheeks at a club by 10 pm.
In today’s post, I’m taking on the garden party themed wedding guest outfit. What immediately came to mind for me were florals and pastels, however, I did not want to go for your usual maxi or midi dress. As a long time fan of jump and playsuits, I decided to opt for a Boohoo hi-neck floral playsuit and paired it with the Bella waterfall duster coat and a pair of pointy heels by ASOS.
I’m in love with this look; it’s keeping to the wedding theme, it’s feminine yet edgy. It says ‘I’ll come to your wedding and look pretty, but if anything pops off I will cut a bitch‘.

Plus Bella Waterfall Duster Coat // Plus Millie Floral High Neck Jumpsuit // ASOS Penalty Wide Fit Heels

boohoo occa
Boohoo Curve Occasionwear

Style notes:

Jumpsuit: The jumpsuit is very true to size and has adequate arm space so if you’ve got larger arms like me, you’ll love this. 

Duster coat: A gorgeous, lightweight coat perfect for Spring. I would size down in this particular style as it is oversized.

Shoes: I’m such a fan of ASOS wide fit shoes currently. These heels are comfortable (till a point) and can accommodate up to size EEE width feet easily.

Boohoo Double
Boohoo close up
Boohoo Occasionwear 3
Boohoo Plus Jumpsuit
Boohoo Plus Occasionwear

*This post was created in collaboration with and contains samples gifted by Boohoo. As always, all opinions are my own!*


May 4, 2017



  1. Beauty! I want to frame he picture of you holding on to the railings and kicking your leg back – its beautiful!
    C x

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