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I was originally going to name this post ‘Orange is the New Black’, but i figured that it was probably already overused AF, so settled with the SEO-friendly one you see above.
I love venturing out and trying bright and vivid shades that can compliment my skin tone (luckily, darker skin shows up real nice next to bright colours), however, orange has been somewhat tricky for me, both in lip colour and in general, which has always been a shame as I’ve seen so many gorgeous models in campaigns looking F I E R C E in a bold orange lip. As I have a warm/red undertone, I find that most warm shades make me look tooooo warm and it seems to almost blend in with my skin.
After what seems like several years I’ve finally found three orange shades that I absolutely love and that I think suit my skintone, so I thought I would quickly share them with ya!

L.A Girl ‘Glazed’ Lip Paint – Hot Mess

LA Girl Collage
LA Girl swatch
I’m a big fan of L.A Girl. I cannot recommend their concealers enough, so I was excited to try this as I’d seen various bloggers waxing lyrical over their recent offering in the form of a ‘Glazed’ lip collection. Hot Mess is described as a ‘true coral’ and it is a high-gloss lip stain that combines the texture of a lip gloss with the colour payoff of a liquid lipstick.
If you’re looking to work your way up into a bold lip, then i would suggest this shade as it’s semi-sheer and can be buildable. As the formula is so thick, it can gather/pool in places upon application, so I would suggest applying this with some sort of brush or something, as the applicator is pretty naff in my opinion.
longevity is the only thing that lets us down here, as the average stay-power on my lips is around 90 minutes before I have to re-apply (and that’s without eating or drinking). While it won’t be staying on all night, it is a pretty colour to wear say, on a date or on an interview or something similar. I love it for times when I want to wear something different, but not be too extra.

Rosie for Autograph Makeup – Supermodel Kiss

Signature by Rosie
Signature swatch
I remember when I first got this, i was pretty intimidated, I won’t lie. In the tube, it’s VERY VERY BRIGHT. Almost radioactive! This had been my first time buying any makeup from the Autograph collection at Marks & Spencers and I was pretty impressed. The formula is incredibly creamy, enriched with Argan oil and dries with a satin-like finish.
The pigment is a deep coral and has really warm undertones; something which in this case, seems to work with my skintone. The longevity on this one is almost 6 hours, which is pretty impressive and I think it’s a shade that can work with almost any skintone.

Maybelline Vivid Matte liquid Lipstick

Maybelline collage
maybelline swatch
This is by far my favourite orange lipstick of all time. The Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick collection really does what it says on the tin. The shade above is called ‘Orange Shot’ and it really is a beautiful colour. I would describe it as a true orange with slight blue undertones to the point where it almost looks red.
In my haste to get the photos ready, I took the photo before the colour dried (silly me). The formula dries to a beautiful matte finish and feels really light on the lips, almost as if you are wearing nothing at all. If I could compare the formula texture to any other brand, I would say it closely resembles the Colourpop texture; smooth and lightweight.
This is a bold colour guise. This is the orange I wear when I want people to know I’m out and about. It’s a gorgeous shade that is sure to suit all skin tones and the longevity is super, lasting about a good 11-12 hours before re-topping.
So there we have it! A quick summary of of my favourite orange lippies. Remember that as long as you can find the right undertone, you can wear ANY lip colour, regardless of skin tone!

What are your favourite orange shades?


February 6, 2017


Orange Lips x Dark skin

  1. Kinga Kurek says:

    Amazing post dear! These shades look lovely on you! <3
    Kinga xx

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