Life can sometimes be shit. We all know this; in fact I see it as a generally accepted fact and there will be times when you feel like everyone is against you and that you’ve lost your sparkle. This has been happening to me of late; recently I had been feeling a bit deflated and anxious with things going on however by applying the following to my life, I’ve already seen major changes and my outlook feels a lot brighter. I’m hoping they can help you too!
Wearing things that make you happy/switching it up. So yellow is a colour that i’ve been wearing a LOT of this season. As someone who is very into blacks/neutrals, wearing brighter colours has been a bit of a lovely surprise seeing as it suits nicely with my skintone. It reminds me of summer and makes me feel incredibly laid back. In this post I’ve got on an old Primark jumper that i’ve tied into a knot at the side and I’m wearing it over a Simply Be Metallic Cami Dress and paired it with some ASOS Wide Fit Ballet Flats and this gorgeous Elvi Wool Blend Coat.  Again, metallic isn’t a thing I normally *do*, but in this instance I really love the combo of citrus x metallic and wore this to work just to switch things up again. A little bit of change and experimentation never hurt anyone!
2. Removing Negativity Around You.  I feel like I’m in a lucky position where I don’t tend to have negative people around me in real life as I keep a pretty small circle, however my online/blogging life has been filled with a lot of negativity recently and I’ve found that having a bit of a recent cleanse has done wonders for my mental health. It’s sometimes difficult to rid yourself of negativity because your first instinct is to want to sort the issue out, however there comes a time when you just have to cut the strings and purge your space of things that upset you. Negativity doesn’t always have to manifest itself in people being intentionally horrible, it can be things such as draining you of your positivity, brown-nosing, arrogance and idle gossip. Rid yourself and be free! If someone isn’t bringing anything positive to the table, let them go.
3. Taking Time Out For Yourself. Pretty self explanatory tbh. Having ‘alone time’ is a great way to re-fuel and think about what you want to do with life. Recently i’ve found meditating a great way to keep in tune with my inner self; to listen to my body and allow it to de-stress. All it takes is 10 minutes a day, either first thing in the morning or at night and developing a state of mindfulness has been proven to help combat anxiety and stress. A very Zen step I’ll admit, but it WORKS man!
4. Spending Time With People Who Love You. Another self explanatory one. Whether it be friends or family, spending time with those special people and engaging in all that positivity does WONDERS for your mental health. Seeing yourself how others see you is eye-opening.
5. Write Letters To Yourself.  Another thing I have started to do more often. It doesn’t have to be 4 pages long, sometimes I’ll write just a paragraph telling myself that everything will be okay and that ‘I got this’. I write about my day. I write about my feelings and where I can improve in life and I write about how far I’ve come. I tell myself not to give up and that the Lord isn’t through with me just yet. It’s incredibly cathartic.

ASOS Lyle Wide Fit Shoes ASOS // Metallic Cami Simply Be // Striped Wool Coat Elvi // Yellow Jumper – Primark (similar)


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November 14, 2016



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