I’m gonna admit it; I am terrible when it comes to drinking water. I can make a litre of water last 4 days, that’s how terrible I am. It’s not that I don’t like the taste of water, it’s just I’m so lazy when it comes to drinking and I literally NEVER get thirsty. I’m pretty sure we all know at least ONE person like this, no?
Well if you’re looking for a healthy and practical xmas gift to give the stubborn drinker or savvy thrifter in your life, the Sodastream may just be up your alley. For as long as I can remember, I had always wanted a sodastream: I used to go through the Argos catalogue as a child and dreamed of the days where I could one day turn plain ole’ tap water into an effervescent glass of dreams. Sad right? But let’s be honest, as well as being practical, soda streams do give off an air of poshness don’t they? Literally the other day I invited my Dad over to the flat just to ask whether he wanted plain or sparkling water; I felt supreme; I had arrived. I won’t tell you his response but he was not impressed by my new-found boujieness tbh.
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So why a Sodastream? Well apart from successfully challenging me to drink more water, the amount I’ve saved on buying bottled water outside has dramatically reduced.  There are loads of people like myself who aren’t particularly keen on tap water also, so using the soda stream has really helped with this. I’ve found that since using the gadget, my water intake has increased dramatically and it also helps that you can also get different flavours to add to the water too (bye bye soft drinks!). The flavours come in anything from Lemonade to cranberry to orange and even apple, sans the calories and sugar. You can’t really get much better than that to be honest.
The product is incredibly easy to set up. The pack comes with the machine itself, a gas canister which you screw in at the back and the one litre Sodastream bottle. The Sodastream bottle is the only bottle that is compatible with the machine so bear that in mind before you accidentally stick a glass up there an end up with bubbles and broken glass all over the gaffe. You fill up the bottle to the measurement printed, stick the bottle into the grip which will automatically grab the bottle, then press the buttons at the top according to the degree of fizziness you want (I normally keep it at level two) and watch it go!
The sodastreams start from £69, however they currently have a sale going on at the moment with the one I have currently 50% off costing £75. Yes they are a tad pricey, but can you really put a price on having amazing , clear skin and a healthy immune system? You’d also be saving tons of money in the long run and it’s a great conversation starter, don’t you think? Do something great today and give the person you love an opportunity to have amazing skin and functional kidneys!
Sodastreams are available online and in store.

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November 29, 2016


For the Stubborn Water Drinker: The Sodastream

  1. Is it bad I want this just to have it in the kitchen as a funky new gadget? haha
    I’m all about anything that can allow me to take in more water to help with better skin! xx
    Lucie |

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