Lipcote* has been around for as long I can remember, but for some reason I can never remember it taking off as much as I thought it would – or maybe it did during a time before I started blogging. In a time where the beauty industry are trying to come up with new and innovative ways to prime, lock in and prolong our makeup, sometimes it’s great to go back to the good old classics. Lipcote is a sealant of sorts that locks your lipstick in place all day. Now…when I say ALL DAY…I mean all day. I’ve started using this again recently and had completely forgotten how heavy duty it is!
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Once your makeup is applied, simply add a layer of the transparent sealant onto your lips, wait until it dries and you’re done for the day. Now I’ll warn you that there is a slight…tingling sensation when you apply the sealant however it lasts for about 5 seconds, which is as long it takes for the product to dry on the lips too. This is definitely a tool for those to love matte lips that last the whole day. It applies on glossy but dries to a matte finish and survives kisses, drinks and food.
When I put this on, It normally lasts me a good 12 hours, or until I take my makeup off, and it doesn’t flake. I’m so glad that I’ve been re-introduced to the original as it makes lippie application a doddle!
Lipcote is available online and at most drugstores nationwide.


January 28, 2016


Lipcote – The ORIGINAL Lipstick Sealer

  1. I used to use this years and years ago now, I remember it being really unpleasant when it was on. It used to sort of peel off, and had quite an uncomfortable tight/slightly sticky feeling. Might have to give it a go again, sounds like they’ve improved it.

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