As some of you may know, I currently have a weave installed (hair extensions that are sewed in) as I’ve always been a huge lover of having long hair. While there are many benefits of having extensions including the ability to change styles whenever you’d like, there is a darker side to these sorts of hair installations, as well as hairstyles such as braiding and glued-on lace front weaves.
As you may have seen on celebrities such as Britney Spears and especially Naomi Campbell, the consequences of repeatedly applying weaves and extensions can have irreversible effects on the scalp, such as hair shedding, weak and limp follicles and baldness/alopecia.
Now normally when you think of balding, your first thought probably goes to men right? Well I’m here to tell you that female balding is definitely a thing and as I explained earlier, repetitive abuse of our hair through tight extensions, stress, trauma, pulling ponytails and heat can be all the triggers your hair needs to shed.
So how do you combat this problem? There are several ways in which you can prevent hair thinning and loss and, if you are already beginning to lose or have already experienced hair loss, ways in which you can once again have a full head of hair again.
Some people opt to cover up with scarves, wigs or lace front weaves, which is always great as they are versatile, however people who are opting for more of a permanent solution often have hair transplants which is a popular option for those wanting to grow back their own hair. Hair transplants can be done at the Harley Street Clinic, with the FUE hair transplant being their most popular procedure.  This type of transplant is non-invasive and uses your own donor hair (which is normally taken from the back of your neck). The follicles are then placed at the site of hair loss on the scalp and then implanted using a powerful microscope.
While I’ve always been an advocate for self love and body positivity, I understand that we are all human and that sometimes there are things about us that, no matter how much we love ourselves, we wish we could change. Hair is one of those things that I think we naturally take pride in, after all it’s one of the first things we see when we look at a person and as I said above, I see it as a confidence booster and a sort of security blanket!
So please remember to try and look after your scalp; wash and massage regularly to stimulate blood flow, don’t manipulate or pull on your hair too much, try using coconut and castor oils and if all else fails and you’re looking for a permanent solution, definitely look into the FUE transplant as it gives the hair a very good chance of growing back!
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January 15, 2016


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